Lumen Influence accompagne et conseille dirigeants et entreprises quant à leur stratégie pour les aider à bâtir des liens solides avec les institutions, les media et l’opinion publique et créer un environnement favorable autour de leurs projets, et à créer de nouvelles opportunités en développant son ancrage local et en valorisant son impact territorial.



Vulnerant omnes ultima necat. All hurt, the last one kills. These are the hours. The hours that organisations let pass by by not taking sufficient account of the environment in which they operate. Changes in legislation and local policies are as much opportunities to be seized or encouraged as they are constraints to be anticipated and prevented.

A project can fail because of the involvement of stakeholders, especially elected officials and civil society, was not anticipated and the interest of the project for the territory was not known. Any public decision is preceded by a battle of ideas and therefore, this battle must not be neglected.


Building a relationship of trust with its stakeholders must be part of any organization's strategy, and influence communication can transform its relationship with its environment into a strategic lever. This strategy begins with the understanding of the stakeholders' expectations, to then build messages that meet each of these expectations. 

Opinion is built in a trialogue between public authorities, the media and civil society, and it is therefore these three audiences that an influence strategy must address. We believe that every organization, every company, has the right to be advised and defended in the political arena and that it is from the fruitful dialogue with its environment that a common prosperity will be born.

Sacha benhamou

Graduated from lawyer school of Paris and with a masters on International Relations (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), I was a parliamentary assistant to Olivier Véran, MP for Isère and then minister, since 2017, before joining the communication agency CommStrat. As Consulting Director, I advised and supported companies and unions in their influence communication and public affairs strategies, particularly in the health, energy and digital sectors.

In February 2023, I decided to create my own influence strategy consulting firm, Lumen Influence, to help companies build strong ties with institutions and public opinion and create consensus around their projects.



Institutional communication

Controlling your image and managing your relations with your stakeholders, especially public authorities and other institutional actors.

Definition of messages, elaboration of communication supports, identification of your stakeholders, strategy on social networks.

Legislative and regulatory lobbying

Anticipating changes in your legislative and regulatory environment and finding opportunities to remove obstacles.


Parliamentary and political monitoring, advice and implementation of public affairs strategies, influence strategy.

Territorial lobbying and project communication

Créer les conditions de l’acceptabilité locale de vos projets d’implantations locales, industrielles notamment, en communiquant en amont et à chaque étape auprès de vos parties prenantes locales et en trouvant des alliés institutionnels pour créer l’adhésion.

Development of messages and addressing strategy, identification and prioritization of stakeholders, search for modus vivendi.


Giving visiblity to your organization and its messages.


Organization of conferences, debates, symposiums, trade shows, lunches and dinners for decision-makers, inaugurations, exhibitions, press trips, general meetings.

Media relations

Carrying your messages in the press and using public opinion as a lever for your institutional relations.


Writing and broadcasting press releases and press kits, strategy consulting, coaching and media training.

Crisis communication

Support in crisis management to master the narrative.


Institutional and media relations strategy, set up a crisis unit.


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I have supported federations of craftsmen and very small businesses to find new opportunities and to remove the regulatory obstacles faced by their profession, in particular by liberalizing activities.

I have supported energy companies in their projects of implantation within the framework of a tender bid in order to bring together all the stakeholders.

I have supported industrial companies to give visibility to their signature of major contractsto ensure the presence of officials and the press.

I have supported industrial sites in their crisis communication to ensure the solidarity of stakeholders and preserve their image.

I have supported companies and federations in the handling of their legislative and regulatory issues with strong growth levers.